10401The repayment is less than borrow amount
10402Amount not supported
10403APR not supported
10404adminFee not match
10405ERC20 address not acceptable
10406Duration not supported
10407NFT contract address not in whitelist
10408Failed to verify signature
10409Nonce has been used
10410Expiration date not supported
10411Invalid parameter
10412Collection offer is unsupported for the collection
20404Loan details not found
30100The offer does not exist
30101The offer is locked
30102The number of offers locked exceeds the limit
30110The offer has expired
30200The NFT marked as suspicious can not be accepted
30201Failed to check whether the NFT is marked as suspicious or not
30300Signature details are incorrect
30400Signature server request failed
30410Signature server encountered an exception
40400Unsupported NFT collection
40401Failed to get default ERC20 addresses
40402ERC20 address not supported
40403Failed to cancel the term
40404No corresponding data
40501Failed to update the term
40502Failed to create an term
80401Signature does not exist
80402Invalid timestamp
80403No access
80404Invalid signature
80405Signature expired
81500Server error
81501Limit configuration does not exist
81502Rate limiting call error
81429Too many requests
82400The signature's address and userAddress is inconsistent
90403Server is under maintenance